Conserving raw materials and resources

The issue of sustainability has always been very important to Samson Druck. Our printing company has gained certification with the main eco-labels, and on request we will provide customers with climate-neutral printing.

Austrian eco-label

All inks and finishes used, and all cleaning agents, are environmentally compatible. The eco-label with which the print shop has been certified, verifies the eco-friendly manufacture of our print products.

Climate-neutral printing

The printing process generates greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are calculated, and can be offset by the customer through investment in internationally recognised climate protection projects.

Samson and the Environment

Especially for the paper, the primary raw material, care is taken to ensure sources are eco-friendly. And within the company too, environmental measures such as the exclusive use of electricity from 100% renewable sources, heat recovery and a sophisticated waste management concept provide a sustainable additional benefit.

Download environment labels

Information on the options and the relevant environment label can be downloaded here. If you have any further questions, Samson Druck is available to assist on tel. +43 6476 833-0.

Download our environment labels here