Innovative, sociable and young

With a wealth of expertise and a passion for further development, our approximately 110 employees are the company’s most important resource. Samson Druck is proud of the fact that, with an average service length of nine years, our staff stay with us for a long time.


Management Team at Samson Druck

Gerhard Aichhorn

CEO & owner

Lisa Aichhorn


Reinhard Eder

Sales Management

Samson quality

Business development and quality management at Samson Druck

Hubert Pfeifenberger

Business development

Günther Moser

Quality management

Our sales team.

Your personal advisor is available to customers at all times!

Reinhard Eder, MAS

Reinhard Eder

Sales Management

+43 664 332 42 24

Gerald Schwarzenbacher

Gerald Schwarzenbacher

Pongau, Pinzgau, Tyrol, South Tyrol

+43 664 356 25 80

Mario Egarter, BA

Mario Egarter

Carinthia, Styria

+43 664 502 12 63

Tibor Valentin

Tibor Valentin

Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland

+43 664 832 95 62

Ing. Hubert Stadler

Hubert Stadler

City of Salzburg, Flachgau, Southern Germany

+43 664 915 40 04

Michael Neuhofer

Michael Neuhofer

City of Salzburg

+43 664 832 95 72

Client Service

The reliable account manager at Samson Druck

Werner Glanzer

Franz Hollaus

Karl Moser

Manfred Sampl

Anton Doppler

Paul Schreilechner


The Prepress-specialists at Samson Druck

Andreas Stolz

Margit Fötschl

Mathias Messner


The leading Team of our production at Samson Druck

Günter Pfeifenberger

Department Print

Wolfgang Gfrerer

Department Finishing


The first contact for clients at Samson Druck

Christina Pöllitzer

Office, Administration

Gerlinde Neumann

Office, Billing


Address management and logistics at Samson Druck

Markus & Florian Holy und Roman Grabmayr

Address management

Julia Jessner